"Our Reiki Baby Story" - Greek Cypriot 2009

“This is our Reiki baby story as we have lived it and even if it is a short chapter in this book, it is the biggest chapter in our lives.

We must confess that we had never heard of Reiki before, but it came to mean a lot to us.

It was the most stressful time of my life when I was trying to get pregnant. I and my husband were trying many months before, but with no success. It was summer and we decided to go to relax at a hotel for a couple of days. Reading the spa treatments I had read about Reiki and I decided to try it. I needed so desperately to relax.

I was honored to be treated by Philip, a person with many virtues. It was a magical time. As soon as the treatment was finished I felt the peace and calm in me. After the session I discussed this with Philip. I returned to the swimming pool where my husband was and it was a big surprise to him how calm and relaxed I looked. It had been ages since he last saw me like that.

I had another treatment the following day and something strange happened. I had a dream that I was saved and calm and could see bright colours and feelings of happiness and love. On those two days I got pregnant. We could not believe it and I knew that it was a Reiki child.
 Increasing your chances of becoming pregnant - Windsor 2009 
I was 28 years old and had been off the pill for nearly a year and had been letting nature take its course in trying for our first baby. Being young, I thought the road ahead would be an easy one. Nearly a year later and with no joy after trying and trying we finally decided to go to a fertility specialist to see if we had any underlying problems. We were advised to keep trying for a further three months and if unsuccessful we would then start discussing options.
 Three months later we returned with no good news and it was suggested that we try a drug called "Clomid" which is designed to produce more eggs to give us a better chance of conceiving. We went home and waited. A month later, I was unwell and very low as I was in the throes of dealing with my father who had been in a riding accident a year earlier and had been in a coma ever since. I was very depressed and low and felt unable to take the Clomid.
I was having such a terrible time that when the next month finally arrived, I refused to take it.
A trip back to the doctor and after much discussion we all came to the conclusion that we would start the I.V.F. route in the coming August, it was now the end of April.
My husband and I decided that we needed a break to give ourselves a rest and to get some perspective so we headed off to Cyprus for a welcomed break and to celebrate his birthday. We arrived at the hotel and I headed straight to the Spa for some R&R. Flicking through the brochure I came across "Alternative Therapies" and "REIKI" caught my eye. I had heard of Reiki as my sister in law had just completed her first diploma in it and had been told of its benefits.
I thought it would offer a chance to relax and break away for 90 minutes so I booked myself a treatment.
The next day was my husbands birthday so we headed to the Spa for our treatments before dinner. I was greeted by Philip the Reiki Master; he explained the treatment to me and asked me how I was feeling in myself. I explained that I was extremely stressed and upset because of my father etc, but strangely failed to mention my inability to become pregnant. At this point Philip asked me to lie down on the couch, close my eyes and relax, which I did. 90 minutes later I was gently awakened out of a light sleep by Philip who informed me that the treatment had finished. We sat and chatted about my treatment.
Philip asked me how I was feeling and I told him that I felt relaxed and energized; I then thanked him for his time and went off for dinner.
Three weeks later we found out I was pregnant, I can't even explain how thrilled we were, I couldn't believe it as we were meant to start I.V.F. treatments in two months. We went to the doctors where my pregnancy was confirmed and was told my date of conception and would you believe it, it was the evening of my Reiki treatment.
I 100% believe that this was due to Philips amazing treatment, there was no way it could have been anything else. We welcomed our beautiful baby girl the following February.
We laugh and say that she's definitely a Reiki baby as she is calm and very content. We are very lucky.
Philip is an extremely gifted man, he is gentle and knowing and you will gain hugely by experiencing his incredible skill and gift.
I thank him every day. 

An Insomniacs experience of Reiki   -   David Baddiel 2009

"The other treatment I had while in Cyprus was Reiki. The treatment was performed by Philip, a bald giant of a man from Smethwick. Philip simply held his huge Black Country hands over various blocked energy sites in my body and breathed deeply.

Now, Reiki may seem squarely at the quack end of New age practices, as virtually no touching is involved, but the fact is that as soon as Philip got going, I an insomniac, fell into a deep sleep, only waking myself up periodically by snoring!
Back Pain Relief - M M (aged 80) from Bourton on the water 2010

"It's been 24 hours since my Reiki session with Philip. I had no idea what reiki was before. For the first time in 45 years I am pain -free in my back and legs. I know I may need more sessions but I can't wait."


Endometriosis Sufferer -  N J Cheltenham 2010

Philip was so professional and I really do feel healed by him - Amazing. I suffer from endometriosis and already feel that the pain is much better.