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Distant Healing

Distant healing is a wonderful way to receive a treatment if you are unable to visit me at my practice. It 

is done by sending Reiki through time.

Science does not have an answer as to how this could, or should be possible, but I have sent hundreds of treatments in this way, and it works.
I can send you a distant healing treatment through 'Skype', if you give me a time that suits you then all you need is a PC and skype account.
An alternative to Skype is for you to send me a head and shoulders photograph of yourself with your full name with an additional photograph of your house as this will enable me to send the treatment to where you live. I also need to know the country and town/city where you live and your email address to confirm a date and time to send the treatment to you. 
To book a Distant healing treatment on-line, please email the above information and any additional information that you feel might be relevant, such as any medical conditions that you suffer from to:

Please Note:

I will not need your house number, address or postcode as I will not  be sending you Reiki through the post!

Distance is not an obstacle for Reiki, it does not matter where you live, Reiki will find and treat you via this distant healing method.

The cost of a distant healing treatment is £25