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Having a professional Reiki treatment.

There are occasions when a Reiki treatment does something special, an example of this is when someone who has a serious long-term chronic condition or illness has a remarkable healing and their health may return to normal following the treatment. This is a life-changing event for the recipient, but not as unusual as you may think!

I begin the treatment on the front chakras first by methodically working down the body from your head towards your feet. After approximately 30 minutes I ask you to turn over onto your tummy and then I work on your back chakras, by working from your head down to your feet for the second time and this completes the treatment. Because all areas of the body are covered, this holistic full body treatment can be extremely balancing and very therapeutic.


A Reiki treatment works independently of the practitioners will and to some extent is a form of 'designer medication,' that is to say, whatever your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are, Reiki will provide.


During your treatment you may have a unique experience, to understand this, just imagine going to the doctors with an illness such as a chest infection, depending on the severity of the condition, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics in the severest case or an expectorant if it has not progressed further to become a chronic condition.


Reiki energy understands your needs and the 'healing adjustment' is done by your chakras, not by the practitioner. This is because Reiki energy has its own intelligence and knows how best to treat your needs.


Prices for a treatment vary according to the time taken, some practitioners may give a 30 minute, 1 hour, or 90 minute treatment and charge accordingly.

Your treatment with me begins with a medical consultation form and after you have completed this form  I 'scan' you by holding my hands a few inches above your chakras, the scan enables me to 'feel' where your imbalances are. I do this with every client and only then do I start the treatment, which will take one hour to complete.


I then complete my post-treatment notes before I ask you what experiences or sensations you may of had during the treatment and finally, I inform you of the contents of my notes, you will then have time to ask me some questions about your Reiki experience.


From start to finish your treatment which includes these two consultations will take approximately ninety minutes.


I am often asked what Reiki can treat, here is a list of conditions that i have treated personally.


Hormone imbalance and fertility issues including endometriosis, infrequent periods and ovulation, (P.O.S.) polycystic ovary syndrome, diabetes, thyroid imbalance, the menopause, diabetes, stress related physical conditions such as (IBS)- irritable bowel syndrome, depression, headaches, migraine, children’s health issues, cancer, chronic pain and after care with transplanted organs.

As you can see, Reiki can be safely used to treat a huge number of common or chronic conditions and it is this that makes having a treatment so appealing.