The final course in Reiki is the Master Teacher training course


This course and the attunements connect you to Spirit and this is a huge step towards gaining an understanding of what is possible in terms of teaching Reiki and giving treatments.

You will gain enormously from the attunements that empower you and when you attune your own students you will see the transformations that take place.

Doing attunements is like opening a book for the first time, only this book has part of the  story missing, it’s the end! The truth of the matter is that no one knows the full extent of what is possible with Reiki and it is this that makes Reiki so exciting.

When you run your first Reiki course you will know what I mean. It’s such an amazing experience to see how the attunements change your student’s perception of Reiki and it happens with very little help from you, the attunements do it perfectly!

Two manuals and my Teacher training guide will be sent to you a month before the start date of your course, this is to allow certain tasks to be carried out before the first day of your 5 day course.
Telephone 01531 640996 or email for additional information.