Published reviews about one of my students Nina Jenkins

Nina Jenkins was one of my Reiki 2 students and has had some great reviews since completing her Practitioner course and working in a professional capacity in Beauty rooms and Spas in Cheltenham. Here are a couple of reviews of her work.
The first review was written by Coco Foxy in the 'Cheltonian' Magazine'
Foxy's Favourites Review 1 
I was invited along to Wakey Reiki to try an hour of their natural energising and healing treatment. I knew this would be a relaxing and theraputic experience because I've had a positive Reiki healing experience in the past. So when I arrived at The Long Weekend Beautique I was already feeling glad to be there. A very inviting and intimate home-based Salon. I was looking forward to an hour of peace amidst all the rushing and chaos of daily life.
During the consultation before the treatment, Nina asked me some questions about my health, emotions and anything else I wanted to discuss. She then explained what Wakey Reiki was and how the treatment would unfold.Then the relaxation began. I just lay there, fully clothed, under a soft blanket whilst she worked the Reiki magic. No invasion of privacy at all, I felt a very light and gentle touch every now and then, with hands mostly not touching. I had been experiencing headaches for months. The doctor had diagnosed them as tension headaches. Post treatmen , Nina ran through a diagnosis and gave me a visual chart to keep that told me where I had some energy blockages in my chakras and where she had tailored the treatment to help remove and heal these.
Without prior knowledge of my headaches she also told me that the session had indicated to her that I suffered from tension headaches - amazing! After my hour with Wakey Reiki the headaches slipped away and I've only had the smallest twinge since. Coincidence, or a result of Nina's very genuine care and attention, channelled through her Reiki learning? Try it and see. My chakras are balanced; my secrets are safe. This place definitely is one of Foxy's Favourites.
'Chapel Spa' review by Grace Parry Review 2
Whenever I'm feeling stressed or a just not right, I tend to shake it off. A lot of the time I don't realise it, or just think a girly film and a chunk of chocolate will put a smile back on my face. I'd never really thought about alternative ways to perk myself up than the traditional treats we all know and love, until I met Nina.
When I was first introduced to Nina, I wasn't sure what to expect. You see, Nina has brought the Japanese healing method of Reiki to the Cotswolds. But I have to start by saying that she has done so in style. Traditionally, Reiki aims to reduce stress and aid ailments of both the mind and body. Nina has taken each of these elements to bring us a natural way of relaxation and recovering, in the form of Wakey Reiki.
Arriving at the beautiful Chapel Spa in the heart of Cheltenham, where Nina was based for the day, I was swiftly introduced and swept into a cosy little room to begin our treatment. Starting off with a little chat was the perfect way to introduce me to this new treatment I originally knew nothing about. After a few sips of lemon water to aid hydration, Nina began to tell me a little about Reiki and its purposes as well as what I could expect over the next 45 minutes. I have to say, her calming and friendly nature was the perfect way to kick start my relaxation.
Remaining fully clothed, minus my jacket and shoes, I lay comfortably on the treatment bench and was able to drift off into a dream-like state. Using a light touch therapy, Nina began to assess my chakras- of which there are seven, located around the body that allow for the detection of stress points for the Reiki treatment to heal. Here is where it got a little technical, but Nina was able to explain exactly what was happening so that I could understand what she had uncovered.
After the whole 40 minutes, which felt like 5- I was so relaxed it seemed to be over before I knew it, I was slowly welcomed back into the waking world. A few more sips of lemon water later and I was introduced to a map of the chakras so I could really understand what stress points the Reiki had picked up on.
Now, without going into too much detail, Nina was unbelievably right with everything that she felt was happening in my life. I couldn't believe that she was able to tell where the majority of my stress was affecting and even more shocking, why.
I began to feel quite elevated and strangely quite energised. So, if you are looking for a new way to relax, de-stress or treat any physical or emotional suffering you may have, Wakey Reiki has got to be the next treatment for you.
Since this article was written, Nina has completed her Reiki Master/teacher training and now teaches Reiki up to and including the Master/teacher level.
If you would like more information about WakeyReiki and Nina, please go to her facebook Page