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 Reiki -  a journey of enlightenment.

The first level of Reiki is often called the First Degree, Reiki 1, or 'Shoden' meaning 'First teachings' in Japanese.
When you embark on a Reiki course it is like opening your eyes for the first time, from the start of your attunements you have access to something very special - the ability to access 'Life Force Energy' and heal yourself and others.
Home study is essential when learning Reiki as it enables you to gain a basic understanding of where Reiki comes from and what Reiki is before you attend your course. My pre-course Reiki 1 manual has colour photographs of the Reiki hand positions which makes it easy to practice before you attend the one day course and practical sessions in the afternoon. The information in the manual should also bring up some questions and this in itself is an excellent way to learn. Asking these questions on the day of your course will help you to fill in the gaps and give you a better understanding when treating yourself and others.
If you are looking to learn a new therapy, then Reiki may just tick all the boxes.
Reiki is popular now in Spas, the N.H.S. and health and beauty clinics and it is extraordinary how many people have benefited from having reiki treatments or training.
Reiki is a wonderful therapy to offer and can be used on it's own or in combination with other holistic/complimentary therapies.
Therapists are investing their time and money looking for that something special to learn to add to their repertoire of skills and I would suggest that if you decide to invest in Reiki training you should experience a Reiki  treatment for yourself. After you have had  a treatment you will be more aware of what Reiki is, what it can treat, and be better informed about your needs for Reiki training.
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