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The Healing powers of Reiki - by Claudia Konyalian
Reiki Master Philip Westwood tells us about the healing effects of this positive 'Life-Force Energy.
Loosely translated from the original term in Japanese, Reiki refers to 'Universal life- force energy that is used for physical, emotional or spiritual healing purposes. Anyone can train in the art of giving Reiki, though it takes time, patience and openness to do so. And anyone can receive Reiki and see its benefits, whether believer or skeptic. "As Reiki often brings about a state of mental clarity, people who receive it may find they are better able to make important decisions after a treatment," Reiki Master Philip Westwood says.
Each session lasts an hour and twenty minutes, including a ten-minute consultation to start the session, and another to close. In order to receive Reiki, one does not need to change or undress, though loose and comfortably fitting clothes are best.
The treatment starts with Philip placing a singing bowl on your hands and listening for the tone your energy is emitting. You will then be asked to lie down, face up at first and face down later in the treatment, on a massage bed. Before giving Reiki, Philip explains how he "moves his hands over the recipient to 'scan the chakras to create a blueprint of your energy needs that day."
Reiki is everywhere, but only a person trained in channelling it can transmit it. The principle is that the energy will flow to the recipient through the practitioner's hands. Philip explains that Reiki is an 'intelligent energy' that knows where it is needed. "Each person receiving a treatment will 'take as much Reiki as needed at that time," he says.
During a treatment, Philip will hold his hands over each chakra in turn for several minutes, moving from the crown all the way down to the feet, usually around ten centimetres away from your body. Each person receiving Reiki may report different sensations. "Some mention a 'warmth' or 'tingling'; others may twitch or, if entering a medatative state, see colours or other images," he says. Most discern a sense of balance and calm after a treatment, while those feeling listless and lethargic beforehand, often feel energised and stimulated.
Afterwards, Philip offers some observations, such as where the most Reiki was taken, or any physical movements. These can increase or enhance your awareness of the self, while the benefits of a relaxing treatment can often carry forward and be felt several days later.
Many Reiki teachers and practitioners aim to live by five principles, which loosely translate as: Just for today, Do not be angry, Do not worry, Be grateful, Work with integrity, Be kind to others. After a Reiki treatment you too can live them, beginning with today. 
Magazine article (Jan/Feb edition 2010) written by Nina Jenkins (Publishing Editor) for:
Reiki Healing at 'All Your Life' in Cheltenham
This is what i have to report...
I met Philip in reception and immediately i felt at ease with him. He greeted me and took me to his treatment room where he explained the basics of the session ahead.
Reiki is a holistic medicine and can be used to treat many ailments and diseases. It is a preventative, holistic medicine which can be calming and de-stressing but one that can energise you at the same time.
We talked briefly about the basics of the session and Philip assessed my current health and we filled out the appropriate paper work. He then asked me to hold out my hands to his hands a few centimeters apart. And what could i feel? The most warm, comforting, energetic sensation coming from his gentle hands straight into mine! I was instantly taking in his positive energy!!
I was a little overwhelmed at what i was feeling at first. But he soon put me at ease and showed me how to measure my 'Life Force Energy' with his special Japanese metal bowl.
Philip's life force energy was able to vibrate the metal bowl at a very high frequency. Mine was much lower at about 50% so i was definately in need of Reiki. Quite a sight to behold.
I was then asked to lie on the couch, fully clothed and relax, to allow Philip to instruct his Reiki energy into my body. He explained that this would take about an hour and i could just relax and close my eyes, with shoes off while he set to work.
It was at this point that i began to really experience something that i have never felt before. Although Philip did not really touch me; i could feel a very warm, sensation entering my body wherever he was placing his hands.
I have recently been diagnosed with endometriosis and just 4 weeks prior to this had been into hospital for laparosscopic surgery. Every time he placed his hands on me, my body would suck his energy into mine and take this straight down to my pelvis - where my body needed the healing the most. i could feel my ovaries moving around and the pain subsiding very quickly. My entire body felt instantly lighter and i can only explain the sensation as though i had just been given a big fat hug internally.
I enjoyed the beautiful, blissful, meditative state as he moved all around my chakras (we all have seven basic energy centres in the body which are the openings for life force energy to flow) the next hour.
I have also been suffering severe pain in my lower back in combination with pelvic pain and it was astounding that his hands kept being drawn back to this exact spot - where my pain was most acute. Philip did not know about my problems and pain before the session but the Reiki energy was guiding him there for healing where i needed it most. Weird Science!
To end the session, Philip gently brought me back around while he made notes on what he had found during my session. We talked about my experience and he then revealed what the notes said. He went on to tell me that my life force energy was lowest in my pelvic region  or my stomach chakra and that my thoughts and stress of daily life was the root cause of my illness. Very interesting...
I left the session with my pain dramatically reduced and full of energy and happiness. so much so that i bear hugged him before i left, hah! and for my next trick? to become a Reiki healer myself. Watch this space!
Follow up magazine article (March/April edition 2010) written by Nina Jenkins (Publishing Editor) for:
MY Reiki Master, Philip Westwood, kindly invited me to join him on one of his 1st degree Reiki attunement courses in january this year. After having just one session with him myself, I was intrigued about the healing power of Reiki and wondered whether it could help my painful condition 'endometriosis' but also perhaps I could help others that are near, dear, and close to me with various illnesses?
Hmmmmm. It seemed very interesting so I took the plunge...
   Well - what a way to start the year! I must say it was one of the most bizarre and wonderful experiences of my whole 34 years on this planet. The 8 hour course took place at the Cheltenham based venue 'All Your Life'.
Philip spent a great deal of time explaining about Reiki and how this 1st level degree would actually allow us to help heal others straight away - within a beginner's capacity. After this one day we would be able to heal friends and family and have the healing energy gift within ourselves - for life. Amazing. We listened to the history of Reiki and then engaged in some practical work with Reiki itself.
Philip demonstrated the power of Reiki to me with ease...
From 10 ft away he managed to pull me over and make me lose my balance with the magnetic pull of this universal energy... Woaaaah.
We then progressed to the actual attunements themselves which were split into 4 sections throughout the day. Included in the day were lots of practical with hand movements and where they should be placed and how to conduct a full body treatment of Reiki and also some rather cool DIY moves. We had a splendid lunch which was natural produce and organic everything (thanks to Philip's wife). I have never spent a whole 8 hours feeling quite so relaxed, pure and content. It was a journey that I will never forget and what's more - I can now heal my own pelvic pain, whenever I need to - just awesome.
We learnt the art of self-healing and this is something I am eternally grateful for.
It's interesting to note that Philip is renowned for his success rates with helping couples that are facing infertility issues too. For those readers that may be struggling to fall pregnant I would strongly advise contacting him. His healing powers have been attributed to 7 Reiki babies... and that my ABC friends is something else! 
My Life Changed at 80... thanks to Reiki
My daughter Dee Murray is the Founder of All Your Life, a lifestyle makeover company, based in Cheltenham. She has always been passionate about helping people to change their lives through positivity and motivation.
I am very proud of her achievements. As her Mum of course, I occasionally get a call saying "Mum, I need you to come and try something new for me". Knowing how wonderful the company is, I am always a very willing guinea pig.
I have suffered from chronic back pain for many years than I care to remember; it is probably more than 50 and started after the birth of one of my sons. For several decades now, like many people with chronic pain, I have woken each morning to the medicinal routine of popping painkillers.
I have tried several things over the years, like Accupuncture and Reflexology and though they felt great at the time, the effects soon wore off. I thought my pain was probably too severe.
One day I got a call from Dee asking me to have a session with their new Reiki Master Philip Westwood. I know a lot more about him now, but at the time I had no information. That was intentional; it helped Dee assess how good this man was, and whether he was worthy of joining the team of experts in Cheltenham who offer an array of services and treatments, all designed to help you look and feel great.
I arrived at All Your Life's Headquarters in St Margarets Terrace, Cheltenham, for my 10am appointment one morning in October 2010. I had no clue what to expect and, as i don't like Google like younger people, I knew nothing about Reiki. I met Philip, who I have to say looks like a night club bouncer, and has a strong west midland accent, but as I found out very quickly, he has a very gentle and cheerful disposition and soon put me at ease.
90 minutes later, after having a lovely lie down in his treatment room and not at all sure what had just happened, I lay fully clothed on the couch with my eyes closed and feeling very relaxed. Minutes later, I was ready to go and catch my bus home.
I still felt some pain as I walked to the bus stop, but then suddenly it all disappeared. I thought I must be imagining it, but it was true!
I did not see my daughter that day but we spoke on the telephone. She came to see me three days after the treatment and asked, "Mum, are you wearing high heels?" "No, I replied, "Why do you say that?" "Well, she said, "you look a few inches taller today." In fact, what she was seeing was her old Mum standing straight and pain free. We were both amazed.
I see Philip now for regular treatments, once every three weeks or so. I feel more active, I can walk further than ever before and it has made me look and feel 10 years younger than my 80 years.
Some people are just gifted and Philip is one of them.