Reiki is an energy/vibration that enhances and purifies everything that it comes into contact with. Everyone has a unique vibration/frequency and the higher your vibration the better your health will be.
During a Reiki treatment your ‘chakras’ or energy centres as they are sometimes called respond  to the higher vibrations that flow from the practitioners hands during the treatment. If there are any imbalances anywhere in your body, your chakras will open and the resulting flow of energy that is drawn by you from the practitioner will raise the vibrations in your body to improve your health and wellbeing.
When having a treatment the vibrations of the patient increase to the same frequency as those of the practitioner and it is a fact that the more treatments a practitioner does, the higher that practitioners frequency becomes, so from your perspective, it makes sense to find a practitioner who is busy treating lots of people.
There are occasions when a Reiki treatment does something very special, for instance when a serious long-term chronic condition clears up  and your health returns to normal after your treatment. This can be a life-changing event for the recipient and not as unusual as you may think.
                                       ONE OF THE HAND POSITION FOR TREATING THE HEAD/CROWN


What is a Reiki treatment?


A professional Reiki treatment should start with a medical questionnaire, this is an essential pre-requisite and once completed by the client, should help the practitioner to treat you for your specific problem or condition/s.
If you are taking prescription drugs, there may be occasions when the dose may need to be re-assessed by your doctor after your treatment, this is due to the balancing effects of the treatment and for this reason you should always inform your doctor that you are having Reiki therapy.

A Reiki treatment works independently of the practitioners will and is a form of 'designer medication; that is to say, whatever your needs are,  the treatment will provide.

The treatment begins with you lying face-up on a massage table, you remain fully clothed throughout although you will be asked to remove your shoes before the start of the treatment for your comfort.

The process starts with a 'Byosen scan' where the practitioners hands are held a few inches above your body, I start at your head then slowly and methodically move down the body until I reach the feet, this takes only a minute or two to complete. My hands are very sensitive to energy and although I do not touch you during the scan my hands are able to sense any imbalances that you may have, wherever those imbalances may be. 
During the treatment my hands do not apply any pressure or manipulate the body in any way, this is because the power from Reiki comes from the energy that flows from my hands, not from my physical strength. This may not be easy to understand, but it is a fact that Reiki treatments work and they are  an effective way of balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of your life. Some N.H.S. hospitals are now using Reiki to treat their patients for a host of medical conditions!
What does a treatment consist of ? 
I start on the front of your body first and slowly and systematically place my hands on each  of your energy centres/chakras, working methodically from your head down the body towards your feet, the first half of your treatment should take around 30 minutes. You will then be asked to turn over onto your tummy, I then work on the back chakras from your head down towards your feet for the second time and this completes the full body treatment. 
I then record your treatment by completing a second form, making notes of any obvious benefits that you may have had during your session. I then complete a chakra chart which is given to you to take home, the chart indicates where any energy imbalances were found during your treatment. Please allow 90 minutes in total for your Reiki treatment.
Note: Other practitioners may not use the same methodology to treat you and record your progress as I do.  
At no time during or after your treatment will I make a diagnosis and if you have any doubts or concerns about your medical condition please consult your GP.
'Designer medication'
Imagine that you have just had your first Reiki treatment and were so impressed with the results that you mention it to your friends and they then decide to have a Reiki treatment for themselves. After their treatments one thing became apparent; there were some similarities in the way  they all reacted/responded to their treatments, but some had different experiences/benefits altogether. This is because your friends needs were as individual as their lives and personalities and their treatments were adjusted to allow for this, the 'adjustment' was done by their chakras, not by the practitioner. This is because Reiki has it's own intelligence and knows how how best to treat you.


If you are having difficulty becoming pregnant then Reiki treatments may be able to help! A treatment is the perfect way to balance your endocrine - hormone system and at the same time will reduce your stress levels and help you to relax, this may be one of the reasons that you are unable to conceive.
If you have been trying for a baby and have not been successful, the odds are that you are becoming stressed about the whole thing and this is going to lower your chances of success even further. Having a Reiki treatment will lower your stress and help to balance the hormone levels in your body; this may increase your chances of becoming pregnant.
37% of all couples who have difficulty in conceiving are perfectly healthy and have no apparent reasons for their lack of conception, but it can sometimes take more than a year before they become pregnant. (NHS statistics)
Being stressed certainly lowers your chances of conception and there can be many other contributing factors such as diet or a lack of certain vitamins and minerals in your diet etc.
Some of my clients became pregnant after only a short period of time after having their reiki treatments, between 1-3 months on average and some of these clients had previously undergone IVF with no success. Just to put this into perspective, the success rate for IVF is low at around 15 - 25% (NHS statistics)

I am able to offer four options based on my experience and knowledge that may offer hope to those who may benefit from the balancing effect of Reiki therapy.
I offer a free 30 minute consultation to explore the opportunities that are available to help you at my Japanese style treatment room just a few minutes from the market town of Ledbury.
Please note:

You will not be required to remove your clothes during the consultation or at any time for treatments that you may decide to have on future appointments. 

email: or telephone: 01531 640996 for an appointment.
Option 1

I suggest that initially you have just one treatment approximately half way through your monthly cycle, this will have numerous benefits with regards to reducing your stress.

Option 2

If you have not conceived after your initial treatment, I recommend that you have one treatment a week for a month, starting at the end of your period, this will offer more chances to conceive.

Option 3

If your periods are irregular then timing is especially important and I would suggest that you have two treatments a week for a month, starting at the end of your period.

Please note:
If you have had unsuccessful rounds of IVF (In-vetro fertilization) or other surgical procedures you may want to consider the full course of options.

Option 4

This consists of one treatment a day from the end of your period for the duration of your monthly cycle. Some women may have up to 34 days or more between periods and it is vital to reduce the stress levels and  balance your endocrine system during this time.
Having the four options would take four months to complete, although from past experience conception may take place during any one of the treatment options thus reducing the time and cost implications.

Scale of charges.
Treatments are charged at £50 each for a 90 minute session, this consists of a pre-treatment consultation with time for you to complete a medical questionnaire, a one hour whole body treatment and a post-treatment assessment. It will not be necessary for you to remove any clothes, only your shoes for this treatment.

Option 1 is £50 and consists of 1 treatment mid-way through your monthly cycle.
Option 2 is £200 and consists of 1 treatment per week for 4 weeks.       (4 treatments)
Option 3 is £400 and consists of 2 treatments per week for 4 weeks.     (8 treatments)
Option 4 is £1,400 up to £1,700 depending on the length of your monthly cycle. (28 - 34 treatments)

Telephone:     01531 640996 or email to book your free consultation.
Mobile: Text 07801504878


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